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Air conditioners are hands down one of the most popular electrical appliances in homes and commercial spaces alike. However, to keep an AC running properly in the long run, you need to arrange for regular maintenance and servicing. A well-maintained air conditioner has a much longer lifespan than one that doesn’t receive adequate care. Reputed companies offer air conditioning maintenance services at reasonable rates. At Active Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we happen to be one of the best companies for AC repair and maintenance in the Greater Sydney Metro Area.

Why does your AC need maintenance?

Over time, dirt and toxins in the air can accumulate inside an AC. Various components can start wearing out too, and the refrigerant levels might fall. These issues are quite normal in the lifecycle of an air conditioner. However, if left unchecked, they can quickly grow into major issues that require expensive repairs. Some of the reasons why regular maintenance is necessary for air conditioners are:

  • Better performance: The lack of maintenance can severely hamper the performance of your air conditioner. An ill-maintained AC takes longer to cool a room and doesn’t cool as effectively. Power consumption rises too, leading to higher energy bills.
  • Better air quality: The air quality in a room depends largely on the cleanliness of the air conditioner. An AC clogged with allergens, bacteria and toxins would deliver very poor-quality air. This would essentially have a major impact on the health of the residents, especially those suffering from asthma.
  • Extended lifespan: Your air conditioner is more likely to reach the end of its lifespan early if it doesn’t receive proper maintenance. You certainly would not want to invest in an expensive AC only to have to replace it with a new one sooner than you needed to.
  • Fewer issues: Keeping your AC well-maintained is a great way to reduce major breakdowns. This is because, while carrying out air conditioning maintenance professionals can check for potential issues and fix them at an early stage.
  • Warranty policy compliance: Homeowners often ignore the need for AC maintenance if the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid. However, in many cases, the warranty policy requires individuals to service and maintain the AC in good condition.

Thus, air conditioning maintenance is more of a necessity than a luxury. We, at Active Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can save you from a number of hassles as well as major expenses.

What do we do during an AC maintenance?

Ideally, an AC maintenance should include a thorough servicing of the air conditioner. Our professionals at Active Refrigeration and Air Conditioning always take a comprehensive approach and pay attention to every detail while carrying out the maintenance.

  • We would check the thermostat to see if it is working properly and make sure that it lies away from heat sources. If necessary, we would recalibrate the thermostat too.
  • Our professionals at Active Refrigeration and Air Conditioning would lubricate the moving parts of the machine, so that the friction does not result in any damages.
  • We would make sure that the system controls are working fine and you can start, operate, and shut down the machine without any issue. A leaky or clogged drainpipe can result in various issues. During an air conditioning maintenance, we would check your drainpipe and clean it if needed.
  • Loose connections can result in serious electrical hazards. Our team always makes sure to check if the connections are alright and tighten the loose ones.
  • Cleaning and changing air filters is one of the most crucial phases of a maintenance. The filters get dirty often as their whole purpose is to remove pollutants from the air.

How cost-effective are air conditioning maintenance services?

Quite often, homeowners skip or delay air conditioning maintenance to avoid the expenses. However, one needs to understand that keeping your AC well-maintained is actually cost-effective. It would be far more expensive to carry out major repairs and replacements if a major issue cropped up. You could also keep your energy bills low by having your air conditioner running working efficiently.

Hence, spending some money on AC maintenance would save you from major expenses in the long run. You need not worry about the services being too expensive, as we are quite reasonable with our rates. Our professionals at Active Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can provide you with reliable services. Feel free to call us at 0419 205 607 or fill up this form to get in touch.

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