air conditioning repairsAir conditioning is a critical element of maintaining your place’s comfort. Whether you’re living in summers or experiencing fluctuating humidity, employing the best air conditioning is necessary nowadays. This critical system is further prone to multiple issues due to prolonged use. Bearing the brunt of the air conditioning system can be highly painful. When it comes to air conditioning repairs, many of us are unsure about its requirements and efficiencies. Active Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is a top-notch player in the air conditioning. We offer complete services in domestic and commercial air conditioning installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Components To Check During Air Conditioning Repairs

Domestic places or small places are fitted with single air conditioning units. The exact requirement of large spaces is fulfilled by the central air conditioning units. We are expert in handling all types of air conditioning repairs. Before understanding our services, let us help you with the main components of air conditioning that are:


Fans are responsible for pumping in and pumping out air from the air conditioning unit. There are multiple issues with fans like discontinues power supply, mechanical issues, etc. Our technical experts have great experience in handling air conditioning repairs related to fan units. Many times fans are the culprit in the inefficient working of air conditioning.


The compression of air from low pressure to high pressure is achieved by the compressor unit of the air conditioner. This compression is vital in the entire air conditioning process to convert the state of gas and liquid. We offer the best services in compressor care as it is the primary and costly part of any air conditioning repairs.


Refrigerant is another vital part of the air conditioning unit. It is responsible for the transfer of heat in the entire system. Most of the air conditioning repairs arise due to leakages in refrigerants. Active Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are well-known for handling all types of refrigerant related issues.


Coils are the medium that carries refrigerant throughout the refrigeration unit. There are evaporator coils and condenser coils that work separately. The refrigerant absorbs heat in the evaporator coil while it loses heat in the condenser coil. This regular air passage prone coils to damages and hence the need for air conditioning repairs. Our refrigeration engineers are highly-qualified to handle coil repairs in your air conditioning unit.

We offer the best but 100% reliable air conditioning repairs irrespective of issues in any components of your air conditioning units.

Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repairs

Your air conditioning system will hint at you with various symptoms that indicate the need for air conditioning repairs. Some of the best signs include:

  • Dripping water from the different parts of the air conditioning unit.
  • Inefficient cooling at your place with the same thermostat controls.
  • Sharp, sudden noises or faint consistent noises from your air conditioning unit.
  • Sudden turning off and turning on of your air conditioning unit without any intervention from the user side.

Experienced Air Conditioning Repairs Company

Active Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is the one-stop solution for your air conditioning repairs as:

  • Certified by Advanced Safety System Australia
  • Decades of experience in handling domestic and commercial air conditioning units.
  • Best help with free quotes and queries related to air conditioning repairs.
  • Trained and highly experienced technicians to handle all types of repair projects.
  • Verified professionals for safe air conditioning repairs at your place.
  • Highly competitive prices in the industry with multiple benefits.
  • Can help with installation and maintenance services.
  • 24*7 breakdown services.
  • Reliable and technical customer support at all levels.
  • Open for different payment methods for air conditioning repairs.
  • High grades of customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • High value to your time and money with the team’s availability in odd hours.

Do Not Wait to Schedule Your Air Conditioning Repairs

If something is not right with your air conditioning unit, reach us today for any types of air conditioning repairs. You may call 0419205607 for getting the best help for your domestic or commercial air conditioning. You can further ask for an instant quote or solution to your queries by filling our online inquiry form. Visit our website today for the best air conditioning repairs services.

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