Active Refrigeration & Air Conditioning leads the way in providing top-tier commercial refrigeration solutions in Sydney, ensuring your cooling needs are met with unmatched precision and professionalism. Whether you’re looking to install a new refrigeration unit or upgrade your current setup, our expert team is here to guide you through every step.

We offer a complete range of services, from selecting and installing refrigeration units to their maintenance and repair. Our goal is to ensure your systems work flawlessly and efficiently.

Wide Range of Top-Tier Commercial Refrigeration Units

We have a range of solutions covering ice machines, fridges, freezers, refrigerated cabinets and more to manage your products’ cold storage requirements. We provide refrigeration units from leading brands like Panasonic, Skope, Fromic, SImpson, Fisher & Paykel and more, so you can trust in the long-term energy-efficiency and performance of our systems.

Commercial refrigeration condensing units

At the heart of every cooling unit, like those found in stores and hospitals, is a key part called the condensing unit. This part is essential for cooling. It’s designed to work well in different places such as restaurants, shops, and hospitals to keep items cold, ensuring they stay fresh and safe.

The condensing unit acts as the main power of the cooling system. It changes the cooling substance from a gas to a liquid, getting rid of heat and making the inside of the unit cold. This step is very important for keeping the right coldness in fridges, freezers, and large cold rooms. Our condenser units are fully fitted and ready to go. Our versatile range provides options suited for many applications.

Refrigerator Units Sydney
Commercial Coolroom Unit

Expert Services for Your Coolroom Refrigeration Needs

Choosing the right coolroom refrigeration unit is critical. We understand every business’s unique needs and excel in recommending the ideal coolroom solution for optimal performance and efficiency. Our units ensure superior cooling, keeping your products fresh and supporting your business’s success.

Comprehensive Care for Your Freezer Room Units

The performance of your freezer room and its condensing unit is crucial. We specialise in maintaining and repairing these key components, ensuring they keep your goods perfectly preserved.

We’re ready to handle all your freezer room unit needs, focusing on preventing downtime and extending your equipment’s lifespan.

Ensuring Reliability and Efficiency in Cold Room Refrigeration

For businesses relying on storing perishable goods, efficient and reliable cold room refrigeration units are essential. We commit to providing the best refrigeration units for cold rooms, ensuring your products are safely and efficiently preserved.

Our design focus on reliability and efficiency aims to minimise product loss and cut energy costs.

Tailoring Our Services to Your Needs

Selecting the Right Refrigeration Unit

We help you pick the perfect commercial refrigerator that meets your business needs, ensuring peak performance.

Expert Installation

Our certified technicians excel in installing refrigeration units precisely, providing a reliable and effective cooling solution.

Maintenance and Repair

Regular upkeep by our team keeps your commercial refrigeration units running smoothly, reducing downtime and extending their lifespan.

Upgrades and Replacements

We offer modernisation services for outdated units, enhancing energy efficiency and saving costs.

Our comprehensive approach provides you with highly reliable and efficient refrigeration systems, keeping your products fresh and your operations running smoothly.

Why Choose Our Refrigeration Solutions?

Opting for our services connects you to the forefront of refrigeration expertise in Sydney. Our commitment to excellence and comprehensive support from installation to maintenance establishes us as the top choice for businesses seeking premium refrigeration solutions.

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