The majority of repair issues that arise with refigerators and freezers are due to the lack of simple maintenance techniques that ensure the correct functioning of your equipment.

We have put together some simple guidelines and handy hints to help you save your equipment from early damage and to more importantly save you money.

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5 Air Conditioning Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

When a professional is required for air conditioning repairs, the costs might be considerable. Occasionally, costly repairs are necessary, but you can evaluate your system before bringing in a professional. Often, an issue is something that can be simply resolved. In the majority of instances, the unit may not function for the commonest of reasons. […]

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Why Is My AC Making Noise?

During harsh weather, the very last thing you need to be coping with is noisy air conditioning. Millions of Australians rely on air conditioning for their required heating and cooling. Therefore it makes sense that all of us understand how an air conditioning system operates and can identify symptoms of damage and malfunction. Air conditioner […]

DIY- Refrigerator & Freezer Maintenance

Common Commercial Refrigeration Repair Problems and Their Solutions

It is never enjoyable to deal with a malfunctioning kitchen equipment. So, would you want to hear a fact? Your refrigerator is one of the machines that deteriorates much more rapidly than others. Superior Commercial Refrigeration Repairs Once seven to eight years have passed, you’ll need to get a new refrigerator. Typically, refrigerators have a shorter life expectancy […]

dirty ac servicing

How often should I service my air conditioner?

As a homeowner, it is crucial to remember that your air conditioner needs regular servicing and maintenance. Many homeowners who ignore the need for AC servicing end up paying for expensive repairs or a new AC. This is because the performance of your AC largely depends on maintenance and so does its lifespan. Besides the […]