DIY- Refrigerator & Freezer Maintenance

Common Commercial Refrigeration Repair Problems and Their Solutions

It is never enjoyable to deal with a malfunctioning kitchen equipment. So, would you want to hear a fact? Your refrigerator is one of the machines that deteriorates much more rapidly than others.

Superior Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Once seven to eight years have passed, you’ll need to get a new refrigerator. Typically, refrigerators have a shorter life expectancy than other household appliances. At Active Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Pty. Ltd we handle all types of commercial refrigeration repairs and maintenance.

Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems

Here are some common refrigerator problems, their causes, and fixes:

Issue #1 – The refrigerator leaks water

  • Cause – Blocked defrost drain/ Clogged/frozen water supply
  • Fix – Clear up the defrost drain from within the fridge and use only hot water for this. You can also leave your refrigerator unplugged allowing the ice to melt.

Issue #2 – The refrigerator isn’t cooling

  • Cause – No proper power supply
  • Fix – Check whether the electrical plug point is working properly and that the appliance is plugged in the back.
  • Cause – Changed temperature settings
  • Fix – Set its thermostat to the required temperature setting
  • Cause – Blocked condenser fan
  • Fix – Unplug your refrigerator from its power supply, clean the element using a kitchen towel/brush and spin

Issue #3 – The freezer is not cooling

  • Cause – Broken temperature sensor
  • Fix – Getting the part replaced is the only solution
  • Cause – Evaporator fan not working
  • Fix – Take all the food out of the fridge and unplug the appliance, waiting for it to defrost entirely. If the issue persists, you will need a evaporator fan replacement.

Issue #4 – There is ice buildup and frost on the food

  • Cause – A faulty thermostat control
  • Fix – Locate the unit’s temperature control thermostat and begin rotating it. If you hear it click, it means the component is working. If it doesn’t click, you might need to get it replaced.

Issue #5 – The ice maker isn’t working

  • Cause – Blocked waterline
  • Fix – Turn off your refrigerator’s power for a minimum of two hours and allow all the ice to melt
  • Cause – Poorly positioned shut-off arm
  • Fix – Locate the system’s shut-off arm and attempt to reposition it. If the component is frozen, just unmount the ice storage bin before removing the frost.
  • Cause – Tripped ice bucket sensor
  • Fix – Defrost the fridge, melt the ice and soak up excess water.

Issue #6 – Loud noises and constant running

  • Cause – Dirty condenser coils
  • Fix – Remove the buildup on your condenser using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Issue #7 – Low-temperature setting

  • Cause – If you set the refrigerator on a lower temperature, the appliance will have to work much harder.
  • Fix – Set the appliance temperature to 3-5 °C, then wait for a few hours and check if the fridge is working as usual again. If not, call in a technician for commercial refrigeration repairs.

If you need any component replaced, it’s a good idea to call in a professional rather than attempting to tackle the job yourself. For information about our commercial refrigeration repairs, please call Active Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Pty. Ltd at 0419 205 607 or write to us via this Online Form.