Aircon leaking water

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water

The sweltering days of summer make you rely a lot on the proper functioning of your AC, which has to work overtime to keep you cool. So, if one morning, you find your Aircon leaking water, it is best not to lose your head and instead try to understand the reasons why such a thing may be happening.

Causes for the formation of internal water

Almost all modern-day AC systems consist of two units, indoor and outdoor. The indoor unit contains an evaporator coil over which warm air blows. This warm air is cooled by the coil to create a favourable indoor temperature.

The moisture present in hot air starts to condense as it blows over the coil, just as water droplets form on a cold surface. This moisture keeps dripping into a drain pan that is led into a condensate drain line. This line is an outlet from your home, which means that your AC should not ideally leak water inside. But things can be different and here’s why you may find your Air conditioner leaking water inside.

A clogged drain line

A clogged condensate drain line is one major reason and an answer to your question – Why is my aircon leaking water? Debris like dust, dirt or mould can clog this line over time. This prevents the passage of water to the exterior of your home. The line starts backing up, resulting in the condensation returning inside and causing leakage.

An easy way of unclogging the drain line is to use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to suck up the debris. This frees the line and allows water to escape again. But if your attempt turns out to be fruitless, you need to seek professional help for fixing Air conditioning leaking water. These Air conditioning repairs & maintenance services have in their arsenal special and powerful vacuum cleaners that can get rid of the blockage and make the drain line free.

Dirty air filter

A dirty air filter makes life tougher for your system. It has to toil harder, which can result in some damage and worn-out parts. A dirty filter can impede the movement of air over the unit’s evaporator coil. The hampered airflow causes the coil to become extremely cold and it may start freezing.

The melting of the frozen coil results in excess water production that may overflow from your AC’s pan.

Low refrigerant level

A lower volume of refrigerant means lower pressure inside your AC system. This fall of pressure may also cause a frozen evaporator coil and thereby a mess.

A leak detected in time may enable you to repair the damage and this makes regular inspection all the more important.

Other reasons

An AC unit that is more than 12 years old may have a damaged or rusted drain pain. It should be replaced to check if it fixes the problem.

A leaking AC may also be the result of a faulty condensate pump. A broken pump fails to pump water outside. It should be repaired or replaced on priority to prevent water damage.